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Money Laundering - Ha!Adrenaline Drive is a satire of japanese teen romance flicks. I've never seen one of those. If I was a betting man (and thank the good lord I'm not), I'd say they probably involve a young ordinary girl who becomes fabulous in a strange twist of events - usually related to a cute boy and some manor of trouble. That's what this movie has. There's the girl, the boy, and a big sack of mob cash. What there isn't, is adrenaline. The movie moves so slow, that you might think it's french. The opening scene is an impossibly long conversation in a car, where the main character mostly sits there quietly taking shit from his crazy boss. The closest thing to action there is, involves an insanely small compact car chasing a mini van, and a very short fall down a small hill.

The thing is, it's really good. The characters are genuinely charming, and there are more than a few laugh-out-loud (that's LOL, for you kids) parts. It's maybe not worth owning, but certainly worth a rental.

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