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Zom Rom Com

SHAUN OF THE DEAD is a romantic comedy homage to George A. Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD.

In the film Simon Pegg (screenwriter/actor) and Edgar Wright (screenwriter/director) take the romantic comedy and zombie genre to a new level of gory humor. Pegg stars as Shaun, a guy stuck in stasis in danger of losing his girlfriend. The day she breaks up with him coincides with a strange occurrence of zombie attacks (later billed as Z-Day).

The film takes us from the oblivious nature of Shaun's life to Shaun becoming a take-charge guy given the zombie situation. Along with the nod to DAWN OF THE DEAD, SHAUN OF THE DEAD also tips it hat to 28 DAYS LATER. But these are zombies in the traditional sense - the slow moving somnabulant beings who just want to eat you. Not the quick moving 28 DAYS LATER or 2004 remake DAWN OF THE DEAD zombies. (Who Pegg and Wright call "gym bunny zombies.")

The movie is light fun fare, but the filmmakers do manage to inject commentary about how much of London normally lives life a little bit in a somnabulant state.

There are some great lines. Such as Shaun, 29 saying to a 17-year old co-worker, "I want to do something with my life too!" To which his co-worker replies, "When?" Shaun is then unable to reply with anything coherent.

One can look for (and find) the meaning of friendship and the feel good knowledge that under duress people will rise to the occasion. But really, the movie is just another take on the zombie romantic comedy genre. Lots 'o' chuckles abound!

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all signs point to this film making a lot of money
Hey, nice blog, but your font is a little hard to read for some reason- looks like Arial- perhaps 2pt. but I would suggest switching to Verdana- it's easier to read if you still want to keep the smaller, sleeker 2pt. size.


I guess what you get when you blog with computerists is commentary on your blog's aspects as opposed to commentary about the subject matter. Anyway, what I want to say is that this film reminded me of back in the day when I and my college budds would some red wine and some happy herb and stay up all night watching Dracula films. I loved what you called the films light sense of humor because Boris and Bela always seemed to be enjoying the very fright they were causing.

Also, on another tack, I'd like to know why the links in the comments aren't active?
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